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BWN Vienna 2019 Luncheon Calendar: 
Monthly Discussion Topics & Guest Speakers


**All Topics, Guest Speakers and Discussion Dates listed are subject to change to accommodate weather conditions, speaker availability or unforeseen circumstances  All dates listed above take place on the third Wednesday of each month unless cancelled due to inclement weather - i.e. if the Fairfax County Public Schools are closed, we do not meet.

Please call Susanne at 703-938-1777
or 703-938-4552.

Wednesday, January 16th:


Your Business Goals for 2019


What improvements or changes have you set for your business this year?  Are you optimistic?


If you are in a new job or position what do you hope to achieve this year?


Wednesday, February 20th:


Topic To Be Announced


Guest Speaker Betsy Boswell, Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors, Wells Fargo, Mclean, VA and BWN Vienna Member, will provide us with valuable current investment information.


Wednesday, March 20th:


The Business of Theatre:  Running a Non-Profit, Professional Theatre and the Value of Theatre and All the Arts to the Health of the Community


Guest Speaker:  Eileen Mandell, Community Relations Director, 1st Stage, Tysons, Virginia and BWN Vienna Member





Wednesday, April 17th:


Got Conflict?  Mediate!


Learn about the process and benefits of conflict resolution from a professional mediator.


Guest Speaker:  Juliana Efessiou, Mediator, affiliated with the Colin Family Mediation Group, Achieving Win-Win Solutions for All and BWN Vienna Member


Wednesday, May 15th:


Getting Trustworthy Leads and Referrals:  Where Do You Go?


How do you recognize sources for good leads and referrals compared to bogus or ineffective ones - for example, leads “recruiters” online (Linkedin ProFinder, etc) who charge yearly fees for their services?


Do they offer lucrative results for business owners or are they a waste of your money?


Wednesday, June 19th:


Free For All Open Discussion!


Bring your own topic or topics of interest or concern to you and other business owners to the table.


Suggestion:  Avoid politics or religion


Wednesday, July 17th:


Managing Mental Health & Stress Management:  Getting Through Hard Times


Mention what you do to meet the challenges of stressful days/situations to help regain your equilibrium and sanity.


Would you recommend the services of a meditation counselor or practitioner, names of books or publications that provide help or any other resources? 


If available:  Meditation Counselor as Guest Speaker


Wednesday, August 21st:


What’s New in Marketing Trends?   Where  can entrepreneurs go for marketing advice? Which marketing methods do you find to be the most lucrative for your business?  What’s new in the Social Media?


Wednesday, September 18th:


Thanking Our Clients and Minding Our Manners in Today’s Business Climate:  Helpful Suggestions


What are appropriate ways to thank clients -- gift giving, discounts, thank you notes, holiday cards, etc?  Are corporate gifts really necessary?  How much should you spend?


Wednesday, October 16th:


Handling Business Nightmares - How did you resolve issues or problems encountered?  Consider:


Difficult Employees: full time, part time or volunteer


Unappreciative Prospective Clients (accept free advice/services but don’t follow through)


“Impossible Clients“/Scam Artists:  delinquent or non-payers, those dissatisfied with services, insatiable/unreasonable demands makers, etc.


How do you collect outstanding fees: collection agencies, Kill Fees to cancel contracts, other strategies?


Wednesday, November13th:


Why or How Did you Select the Business you currently own or represent?


If you had the opportunity, would you have made a different choice?


Wednesday, December 18th:


Holiday Luncheon and Gift Exchange at Westwood


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